Wildflower Aromatic Mix

Brighten your landscape with a burst of brilliant, fragrant flowers. Earth Science makes it easy with this all-in-one formula that contains natural wildflower seed, mulch, plant food, and soil conditioners. Our Aromatic Mix is a carefully selected blend of eight wildflower species known for their wonderful fragrances, including Siberian wallflower, annual candytuft, and sweet sultan.

Wildflower Aromatic Mix

2 lbs – 200 Sq. Ft. Cover

Product Details

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Water Right Crystals

The Right Amount of Water at the Right Time

When it comes to growing plants, the right amount of moisture makes all the difference. Our patented Water Right Crystals™ provide an ideal guide for when and how much to water. Simply water until the crystals expand
and sparkle. When the crystals disappear,
it’s time to water again!

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Additional Features

Flower Bag
Wildflower Seed

All-natural wildflower seed tested to ensure purity and the highest germination rates.

Plant Food
Plant Food

Gives seedlings the food they need to develop and grow.

Natural & Organic Soil Improvers

Creates the ideal soil conditions for growth.

Appropriate Planting Zones

Wildflower Aromatic Mix

Recommended for the area in zone 1

Aromatic Mix Detail

Genus/Species Common Name Type Height in. Germ Time Weeks to first Bloom
Cynoglossum amabile Chinese Forget-Me-Not A 18-24 7-14 days 8-10 weeks
Cheiranthus allionii Siberian Wallflower P 10-18 15-30 days Spring
Iberis umbellata Annual Candytuft A 12-18 20-30 days 8-10 weeks
Reseda odorata Sweet Mignonette A 6-12 7-14 days 6-7 weeks
Amberboa moschata 'Imperialis Mix' Sweet Sultan A 24-36 7-14 days 9-10 weeks
Matthiola longipetala bicornis Evening Scented Stock A 12-18 10-15 days 6-7 weeks
Malcolmia maritima Virginia Stock A 4-6 10-15 days 6-7 weeks
Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy A 12-30 10-30 days 9-10 weeks

Plant Key:

Aromatic Mix Seedlings

Chinese Forget-Me-Not Seedling

Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Siberian Wallflower Seedling

Siberian Wallflower

Annual Candytuft Seedling

Annual Candytuft

Sweet Mignonette Seedling

Sweet Mignonette

Sweet Sultan Seedling

Sweet Sultan

Evening Scented Stock Seedling

Evening Scented Stock

Virginia Stock Seedling

Virginia Stock

Corn Poppy Seedling

Corn Poppy

Aromatic Mix Mature Flowers

Chinese Forget-Me-Not Mature

Chinese Forget-Me-Not

Siberian Wallflower Mature

Siberian Wallflower

Annual Candytuft

Sweet Mignonette Mature

Sweet Mignonette

Sweet Sultan Mature

Sweet Sultan

Evening Scented Stock Mature

Evening Scented Stock

Virginia Stock Mature

Virginia Stock

Corn Poppy Mature

Corn Poppy


200 Sq. Ft.

Available Sizes

2 lbs

Step 1


Rake Area

Rake area to remove dead grass and debris. Seeds grow best when they have direct contact with the soil.

Step 2


Apply Evenly

Uniformly apply wildflower mix so the area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible.

Step 3



Water daily or as needed to keep the soil surface and wildflower seed moist for the first 2 weeks. This is critical for your wildflower seed to germinate and thrive. When enough water has been applied, Earth Science’s patented Water Right Crystals™ will expand and sparkle. When the crystals disappear it’s time to water again.

  • Apply when there is no danger of frost and daytime air temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees.
  • Shady Mix flower varieties perform best with 6 or more hours of sunshine on average per day.
  • Do not apply herbicides 3 weeks before or after planting.

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