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Blueberry Leaves Turning Yellow?

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Earth Science

Are your blueberry bush leaves turning yellow, and you can’t figure out why? It’s possible your bushes are suffering from Chlorosis, a nutritional problem caused by an iron deficiency.

What is chlorosis?

Chlorosis is recognized by a yellowing of the leaves, particularly between the leaf veins, making veins appear more green than the remainder of the leaf. Caused by an iron deficiency, chlorosis is a nutritional disorder and not a disease. One of the most common causes of chlorosis is improper soil pH, especially for acid-loving plants like blueberries

Having the right soil pH for your plant is critical to that plant getting the nutrients it needs from the soil. Even in nutrient-rich soils, if the soil pH is not proper for the plant being grown, the ability of that plant to take up the nutrients it needs to grow and flourish can be severely limited. This can cause poor growth and even kill the plant.

What causes chlorosis in blueberries

Blueberries in particular are highly susceptible to chlorosis, because they crave such an acidic soil. When soil pH is too high for blueberry preference, the roots cannot properly take up iron, leaving the plant deficient.

What to do if your plant is suffering from chlorosis

If you suspect your plants, whether blueberry bushes, or azaleas, are suffering from chlorosis, it is best to do a soil test. A soil test can be conducted through your local extension office, or you can get an at-home kit or pH meter.

Once you’ve determined that your soil pH is too high, you will need to amend the soil with sulfur. Sulfur lowers soil pH, helping to unlock soil nutrients for plant uptake.

Use Fast Acting Sulfur®

Sulfur can be found at most garden retailers. Not all sulfur products will start adjusting pH rapidly after application. Earth Science’s Fast Acting Sulfur® quickly lowers pH, and provides essential nutrients for plant health. Best of all, it’s safe to use around kids and pets. Find it at your local garden center!