Why Earth Science?

Good Stuff In. Good Stuff Out.®

That’s our simple way of summing up what we strive to achieve, because everything we do is based on one simple belief – let nature do it’s thing. We believe in supporting nature, not forcing it to become something it’s not.

The most important part of growing strong, beautiful plants is good soil. That’s the foundation for every product we create. Our products are rich in natural minerals to help improve soil biology, and crafted with sustainable ingredients that work in harmony with nature. When your soil is working for you, the rest is easy.

We balance technology with biology in ways that are not only friendly to the things that grow in the ground, but those on top of it too. When you embrace natural beauty from the ground up, you truly get out what you put into it.


Kid and pet friendly.

Beautiful isn’t necessarily healthful. That’s why Earth Science creates products that not only work well for you, but also work well with the environment.

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Flower Sun

It’s our responsibility to the planet.

Creating products with a low environmental impact is something we have always been passionate about.

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