Why Earth Science?

The Science

Technology meets biology to help you get the best results for your lawn and garden. Earth Science products are crafted with natural and organic ingredients plus innovative technologies that work with nature to foster healthy growth from the ground up.

Earth Science Technologies

Nutri-Bond Technology®

Helps Reduce Nutrient Run-off
and Waste

Earth Science’s patented Nutri-Bond Technology® bonds with the soil to help keep more product where you apply it, reducing nutrient run-off and waste by up to 50%. That’s better for the environment and helps your lawn or garden get up to 4x more performance – so one bag of Earth Science does the work of 4 bags of regular product.

Nutri-Bond Technology™ chevron

Water Right Crystals®

The Right Amount of Water
at the Right Time

When it comes to successfully growing plants and maximizing germination, the right amount of moisture makes all the difference. Earth Science’s patented Water Right Crystals® provide an ideal guide for when and how much to water. Simply water until the crystals expand and sparkle. When the crystals disappear, you’ll know it’s time to water again!

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