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Tips on Creating Flower Arrangements

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Earth Science

There is nothing better than freshly cut flowers gracing the kitchen table- or anywhere in the home for that matter. While growing flowers and arranging them are two very different tasks, anyone is capable of creating a flower arrangement, with flowers straight from their personal gardens. Read the tips below, to make the most out of your flower arranging experience:


  1. Get creative with your vase. While vases are a common option to hold your flowers, the possibilities are truly endless. Ceramic bowls, watering cans, wicker baskets, or even tea cups can add unique flare to any floral arrangement.
  2. Consider color combination. Color is one of the essential aspects of a flower arrangement. For vibrant color in arrangements, there are several options. Using monochromatic colors, or colors of the same hue (like light blue, dark blue, and purple), for a consistent look. Combining flowers of complimentary colors (colors opposite each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue) creates a bold look.
  3. Add texture. Save stems with leaves to use as fillers, or add something else. Pussy willows, branches with berries, ferns, or tall grass blades are additional options to fill any open space in the arrangement.
  4. Know your nose. If scent isn’t an issue for you, consider our Aromatic Wildflower Mix. This is a perfect blend of annuals and perennials selected for their abilities to delight the senses with fragrance.
  5. Use support. Bundle small bouquets with rubber bands before placing them in the vase. This ensures that smaller flowers, or flowers with more delicate stems, are secured. Also, consider applying tape from one end of the vase, to the other, creating crisscross patterns. Then, place heavier flowers in each section, and rely on the tape to support them.

If your buds have turned into blooms, spread the beauty into your home by creating your very own flower arrangement. Follow the tips from above, and enjoy the flowers from the comfort of your home.

For more information on flower arrangements, or Earth Science’s wildflower mixes, contact us today!