Fast Acting™ Dog Spot Repair Kit

Earth Science’s Fast Acting™ Dog Spot Repair Kit has everything you need to quickly and easily fix pet damage in your lawn. Each bag contains premium grass seed, organic soil improvers, and a salt neutralizer.

Fast Acting™ Dog Spot Repair Kit: Sun & Shade

2 lbs – Repairs 300 Dog Spots

Fast Acting™ Dog Spot Repair Kit: Tall Fescue

2 lbs – Repairs 300 Dog Spots

Product Details

Featured Technology

Water Right Crystals

The most important step to successfully grow grass from seed is regular watering. That’s why Earth Science developed Water Right Crystal™ Technology. Our patented crystals provide an ideal guide for when and how much to water. Simply water until the crystals expand and sparkle. When the crystals disappear, it’s time to water again!

Water Right Technology chevron

Additional Features

People & Pet Friendly

People and pets can use the lawn immediately after application.


Contains recycled nutrients.

Appropriate Planting Zones

Sun & Shade Variety:

Recommended for "cool season" grass lawns


Tall Fescue Variety:

Recommended for “cool season” and “transition zone” lawns

Available Sizes

Sun & Shade:

2 lbs, repairs 300 pet spots

Tall Fescue:

2 lbs, repairs 300 pet spots


Est. time to germination

1-2 Weeks

Est. time to fully establish

3-4 Weeks

Step 1


Rake area

Rake area to remove dead grass and debris. Seeds grow best when they have direct contact with soil.

Step 2


Apply evenly

Evenly apply Earth Science Fast Acting™ Dog Spot Repair Kit so the area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible. Everything you need is pre-mixed and ready to use.

Step 3



Water daily or as needed to keep the soil surface and grass seed moist for the first 2 weeks. This is critical for your grass seed to germinate and thrive.

  • Keep people, pets, and lawn mowers off newly planted seed until the grass is 3 inches high.
  • Apply when temperatures are consistently above 60º F.

Expert Advice

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