Zinnia Mix

Brighten your garden or landscape with a burst of brilliant flowers. We make it easy with this all-in-one formula that contains flower seeds, mulch, plant food, and soil conditioners. Our Zinnia Mix features colorful Zinnia's in shades of orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Zinnia Mix

2 lbs – 200 Sq. Ft. Cover

Product Details

Featured Technology


Helps Reduce Nutrient Run-off and Waste

Earth Science’s patented Nutri-Bond Technology™ bonds with the soil to help keep more product where you put it. That’s better for the environment and helps your garden get the most out of every application.

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Additional Features

Flower Bag
Flower Seed

All-natural flower seeds tested to ensure purity and the highest germination rates.

Plant Food
Plant Food

Gives seedlings the food they need to develop and grow.

Natural Mulch & Soil Improvers

Creates the ideal soil conditions for growth.

Appropriate Planting Zones

Zinnia Mix

Recommended for the area in zone 1

Zinnia Mix Detail

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Genus/Species Common Name Type Height in. Germ Time Weeks to first Bloom
Zinnia elegans Zinnia (California Giant Mix) A 30-40 5-14 days 8-10 weeks

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Plant Key:

Zinnia Mix Seedlings

Zinnia CA Giants Seedling

Zinnia (California Giant Mix)

Zinnia Mix Mature Flowers

Zinnia CA Giants Mature

Zinnia (California Giant Mix)


200 Sq. Ft.

Available Sizes

2 lbs

Step 1


Rake Area

Rake area to remove dead grass and debris. Seeds grow best when they have direct contact with the soil.

Step 2


Apply Evenly

Uniformly apply flower mix so the area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible.

Step 3



Water daily or as needed to keep the soil surface and flower seed moist for the first 2 weeks. This is critical for your flower seed to germinate and thrive. When enough water has been applied, Earth Science’s patented Water Right Crystals™ will expand and sparkle. When the crystals disappear it’s time to water again.

  • Apply when there is no danger of frost and daytime air temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees.
  • Zinnia Mix flower varieties perform best with 6 or more hours of sunshine on average per day.
  • Do not apply herbicides 3 weeks before or after planting.

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