Why Earth Science?

Our Commitment
to the environment


We Recycle Waste Streams

Earth Science product formulations start with a solid base of beneficial organics. For example, our proprietary “upcycling” process turns 10 pounds of raw dairy manure into 1 pound of Earth Science fertilizer, transforming a waste stream into something useful – lawn food. Recycling nutrients this way allows our products to return much-needed organic matter back to the soil, feeding the beneficial organisms that help plants thrive.

Flower Sun

We Use Only Earth-friendly Ingredients

We don’t include pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides in any of our products. Instead, we focus on creating products that foster healthy soils that grow vigorous plants that are naturally more resistant to pests, stressful conditions, and weed problems.


We Reduce Run-off and Waste

Only Earth Science products contain Nutri-Bond Technology®. Studies have shown that up to 50% of applied nutrients can be washed away after fertilizer applications. Our exclusive coating naturally bonds with the soil to keep more product where you put it. That’s better for the environment and helps your lawn or garden get the most out of every application.

Grass Seed

We Use Only Non-GMO Seed

All of the seed mixes in our wildflower kits are free from genetically modified (GMO) varieties. Only conventional breeding is used to develop the varieties used in our wildflower seed mixes.