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Understanding Nutri-Bond Technology™

Authored by:

Allen Pyle

Nutri-Bond is a type of water-soluble, anionic polyacrylamide polymer, generally referred to as PAM.

Earth Science products feature our proprietary Nutri-Bond Technology™ polymer and patented polymer distribution technology. Our Nutri-Bond polymer improves soil properties and helps to ensure that applied minerals and nutrients remain in the soil. This leads to improved growth and performance of the plants you grow.

PAMs are widely used for erosion control in both agriculture and construction sites and also in storm water runoff ponds to promote water clarification. PAM has even been used for soil stabilization and dust prevention in helicopter-landing zones and high-traffic military situations. With Earth Science products you can bring the benefits of Nutri-Bond to your yard and garden.

Benefits of Nutri-Bond

Nutri-Bond has beneficial effects on plant growth, soils, and water.

Plant Growth

  • Enhances seed germination and seedling emergence
  • Promotes root growth and deeper rooting
  • Promotes improved growth and yield


  • Reduces nutrient loss through leaching and runoff
  • Improves nutrient availability to plants by holding nutrients in soil
  • Helps maximize results from applied fertilizers and minerals


  • Reduces soil erosion and nutrient loss due to erosion, helping to protect water quality
  • Prevents formation of soil crusts which can reduce germination and seedling emergence
  • Increases soil water retention and water infiltration


  • Improves water quality by preventing loss of sediment and nutrients from soil, protecting watersheds from pollution
  • Reduces the potential for pathogens and weed seeds to spread in runoff water
  • Reduces runoff of pesticides and fertilizers


  • The polymers in Nutri-Bond are non-toxic and safe for people, pets, fish, and the environment 

The Science – How Nutri-Bond works

Nutri-Bond is a composition of several water-soluble, anionic (negatively charged), linear co-polymers called polyacrylamides (PAMs). Our special formulation uses a combination of polymers with different characteristics to ensure our Nutri-Bond Technology™ performs well in all types of soil.

Nutri-Bond dissolves after application, forming molecular strands that act like fine nets, and bonds with soil particles and aggregates. This stabilizes the soil structure, protecting soil from crusting after rain or irrigation, reducing soil loss through erosion, improving water infiltration, and helping to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the soil. Good oxygen and moisture levels in the soil promote the growth of beneficial microbes and help improve plant root growth.

The bonding process of Nutri-Bond to soil involves the natural attraction between soil particles and certain charged particles (ions) in the soil. The ions, notably calcium, form electrically charged “bridges” that link the polymer and ionic nutrients to the soil.

Once Nutri-Bond is binds the soil particles and soil aggregates, it becomes insoluble in water. The soil particles and soil aggregates ensure pore spaces remain open, improving the intake of water by the soil and helping to ensure good oxygen supply to soil microbes and plant roots.