Why Earth Science?

Your kids and pets can frolic in peace

Our Commitment to Creating
Safer Products

Flower Sun

Earth Friendly Ingredients

We don’t include pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides in any of our products.

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Reducing Waste

Our products contain recycled nutrients, turning waste streams into organic based lawn and garden products that feed your plants and improve the soil. Recycling waste streams from dairy cow and chicken farms is just one way we are doing our part to ensure a better planet for future generations.

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Grass Seed

Natural Seeds

All our seed mixes are produced with traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques, and we use only untreated seeds free from pesticides.

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*Earth Science products are not meant for internal consumption by people or pets. May be harmful if ingested. Eye contact with contents of some products may cause irritation. Flush eyes with water as soon as possible.

Always follow label directions.