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Guide to raising soil pH with Fast Acting™ Lime

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Earth Science

Lawns like a balanced soil pH, and lime is one of the best things to add to your lawn. As grass grows, it pulls minerals from the soil and the soil becomes acidic (aka “sour soil”) resulting in excessive weeds, moss and bare spots. By adding lime to soil, it will raise soil pH and help correct acidic soil — creating a proper environment for growth.

Earth Science has created high quality, easy to use lime products trusted by homeowners and professionals nationwide. Earth Science’s Fast Acting™ Lime has been designed specifically for homeowners and Pro Series Lime for landscape Professionals.

Ready to Sweeten Your Soil? Here are some of the most common answers to questions we receive about our Fast Acting™ Lime.

Before you start: Please test your soil pH before applying minerals to your lawn. Knowing your soil pH is essential to determining the proper application rate you will need to lime your lawn.

Why Apply Used to help raise soil pH and correct acidic soil. Soil problems occurring due to improper pH may include: countless weeds, moss and bald spots in lawns.

Advantages  Up to 4 times the coverage of other products AND has been University tested to be more effective at holding calcium in the soil when compared to conventional lime products! Made with high quality ingredients and patented Nutri-Bond Technology™ which hold nutrients in and prevent runoff.

How and When Apply with any spreader up to two times per season on existing lawns and new lawns during installation. View spreader settings and application rates here.

Safety YES! Safe around people and pets.

Results Because it takes moisture to activate the lime, rain or watering will help speed up the process (though the lime will react with the natural moisture already in the soil). In most cases you will notice a change in a few weeks. Features Earth Science’s 100% Guarantee.